Pay per click (PPC) which is also referred to as cost per click, is an advertising channel used to direct traffic to websites when the ad is clicked. It offers the opportunity to appear in prominent positions on search results pages for a particular cost per click. An advertiser will select keywords that they want their ads to appear for and will pay per each click that goes through to the website from the search results.

Pay per click is a beneficial marketing channel to businesses as it can provide a quick means of generating website traffic which can lead to enquiries/sales or conversions.

Parl Media offers a comprehensive pay per click service designed to significantly improve on past and existing campaigns as well as setting up new campaigns. We focus on improving quality scores, increasing conversions, reducing the average cost per click and utilizing a wide range of advertising strategies.

Our focus will be on:

  • Generating highly tailored ads
  • Creating mobile friendly ads
  • Monitoring landing page performance
  • Creating, Editing or Adjusting CPC bidding strategies
  • Looking at the quality scores for ads/keywords over time
  • Monitoring user behaviour as well as entry & exit points
  • Using conversion data to identify keywords that have high conversion potential for SEO
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